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Blantyre Steel Ltd Products

Gabion Box

- Gabion Box is mostly used for construction. We are the top distributors in Kenya and its environs. Check out under Our products.
Gabion Box

Guard Rails

- Guard Rails are also used in construction and we are the top distributors of Guard Rails in Kenya.

Welding Rods

- Welding rods in Kenya is very sensitive. We are the remaining genuine distributors of welding rods in Kenya and its environs..

Razor Wire

- Top Razor Wire supplier in Kenya - Blantyre Steel Limited. Razor wire installation and distribution.

Gabion Box & Razor wire


Guard Rails - Welding Rods


Our balloon Culverts adopt high-strength synthetic fiber fabrics as pressure-resistant skeleton, and the adhesive protective layer is made of vulcanized synthetic rubber.

Before the construction of hollow components, put the designed culvert rubber balloons coated with release agent on the location and filled with compressed air. It can shrink up or fold flexible when not in use, and reuse in the next project.

generation highway marking system, preferred the world over, for its ease of usage and extended life cycle as compared to conventional solvent based paints. Thermoplastic paints are also environmentally more friendly with no carcinogenic solvents used.
  • Fire resistant
  • Gypsum board is often called drywall, wallboard, or plasterboard which should mean water absorbent
  • Poor conductor

Why use Gypsum Board

  • Ease of installation
  • Fire resistance
  • Durability
  • Sound isolation

Block Boards

The main reason you should consider block boards is for the fact that it has more advantages than any other boards. Block boards, for example, they are lighter in weight hence commonly used indoors. Blockboards usually resists bend in the middle and hence it is highly advisable. Most offices use blockboards for interior design and the designers prefer it for its strength and durability.
Block Board is the future. Compared to MDF, plywood and particle boards, anyone would recommend blockchain anyday. Blockchain has more advantages than disadvantages.
The disadvantages of block boards are very few, and can be controlled. Blantyre Steel Ltd provides the best quality blockboards in Kenya.
The most affordable or almost free block boards in Kenya can only be found at Blantyre.

We encourage our purchase our products at Blantyre Steel Ltd, we have best Blockboards & Gypsum board

1200MM x 14MM x 12M

1. Good flexibility and toughness.
2. Improve construction efficiency, ECO-friendly.
3. Scientific and reasonable design.

900MM x 8MM x 12M

1.Simple operation, save labor, time and material.
2.Excellent gas tightness & super expansion.
3.Improve construction efficiency, ECO-friendly.

600MM x 8MM x 12M

Used In:
1.Tunnel construction.
2.Bridge construction.
3.Side ditch construction.
4.Irrigation works.

Bolts (Gabion Box)

1. Road Products

1. Gabion Box
2. Geo Textiles
    - GEO CELL
3. Guard Rails
    - Post
    - CAD
     - Nuts/Bolts
4. Road Signs
4. Geo Grid/Cell
Aluminium Electrodes

2. Welding Products

1. Mild Steel E6013
2. Low Hydrogen
3. Stainless Steel
4. Cast Iron   
5. Aluminium Electrode
6. Super Hard(Hard Facing)
7. Mig Wire    
8. Tig Wire      
9. Brazing Rods
10. Accessories
11. Machines
Barbed Wire

3. Fencing Products

1. Chain Link
2. Special Chain Link
3. Barbed Wire
4. Galvanised Wire
5. Electric/Animal Fencing Wire
6. Razor Wire
Photocopy Paper

4. Paper Products

1. Photocopy Paper
2. Kraft Paper
3. Biodegradable Bags
LABSA Chemical

5. Chemical Products

Solar Panel

6. ECO Products

1.Borehole Pumps
2. Casings
3. Solar Panels
4. Heating Systems
5. Drilling Services

Blantyre Steel Ltd Products

1.Gabion Box

Quality Products At Competitive Prices

Gabion Box

1. 2 * 1 * 1
2. 2 * 1 * 0.5
3. 2 * 1 * 0.3
4. 1 * 1 * 1

2. Road Marking Paints

Quality Products At Competitive Prices

Gabion Box

1. Yellow Thermo Plastic
Have excellent wear resistance to ensure long life of the marking.
2. White Thermo Plastic
Excellent drying time
3. Glass Beads Thermo plastic
Increase reflectivity on roads and pavements.

3. Fencing Chain Link

Rust Proof,Durable And Cost Effective.


1.Chain Line (4/5/6/7/8)
2. Special Chain Line
14G(2M) 80 * 80 or 50 * 50
12.5G(2.5M) 80 * 80 or 50 * 50
10G(3.0M) 80 * 80 or 50 * 50